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Driver's License


1.International Driver's License (the 1949 Geneva Convention)

Only International driver’s license issued by signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention in conformity with the Convention’s provisions are valid in Japan.

International Driver’s License

Please make sure:

  • Your driver’s license is issued by a country from the 1949 Geneva Convention.
  • The text “Convention on Road Traffic of September 1949” is stated. ※Licenses based on other conventions are not valid in Japan.
  • License’s validity period is one year from the date of issue. Car rental date must be within the permit’s validity period.
  • Your driver’s license has a stamp on an appropriate place allowing you to drive a vehicle you rent.

Please note:

  • International driving permits issued by Japan are not acceptable.
  • Passengers renting a 10-seater car must have a stamp placed on the class D. If not, you will not able to rent a vehicle.
  • 2.Foreign Driver's License with Official Japanese Translation

    Drivers with licenses issued by flowing countries are able to rent a car in Japan by presenting their license, passport and an official Japanese translation of their license.

    • Germany
    • France
    • Switzerland
    • Belgium
    • Slovenia
    • Monaco
    • Taiwan

    Foreign Driver’s License with Official Japanese Translation

    3.Japanese Driver's License

    Driver's licenses issued by public safety commissions in Japan.

    Japanese Driver’s License