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  2. Warnings When Using a Rental Car

Warnings When Using a Rental Car

Table of Contents

1.Driving Rules

Left-hand side of the road

✓In Japan, cars drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Typically, steering wheels are on the right side of the vehicle. The turn signal is on the right side of the steering wheel; the ignition and gear selector are on the left.

No cell phone

✓While driving, you may not use your cell phone or smartphone.

If you need to use your cellular device, please stop the car in a safe place before doing so.


✓When crossing,pedestrians have the right of way.

When driving past a crosswalk, please keep a lookout for children or elderly people. who may be crossing the road before continuing.

Different than used to

✓This car will probably be of a different length than you are used to driving.

Please be cautious and pay attention to the car’s length, height, and turn width.

Fasten seat belts

✓All passengers in a car are required by law to wear seat belts.

Whether you are the

driver or a fellow passenger, make sure you are wearing your seat belt

Child seat

✓Children under 6 years of age must be seated in a child seat.

(To learn more about child seats, please click here.)

have posted speed limits

✓All public roads, including toll roads, have posted speed limits.

Please drive safely and respect the speed limit. Please note that some roads have traffic enforcement devicesor speed radars installed. Please drive cautiously without speeding.

Non-parking zones

✓Some places have been designated by law to be non-parking zones.

Please avoid these and park in parking lots.
!If you receive a parking ticket, please pay for it at the nearest police station (please bring the receipt with you when you return the car).

Drive while intoxicated

✓It is illegal to drive while intoxicated.

Fill up the gas tank

✓When you return your rental car,

please be sure to fill up the gas tank beforehand.

Stop at the white stop line

✓If at an intersection with no traffic lights,please be sure

to stop at the white stop line and look left and right before proceeding.

In general, please avoid hazards by following proper manners when driving.

2.Warnings for using Highways and Toll Roads

ETC Only

Highway (toll road) entrances may have lanes labeled with “ETC専用” - ETC Only. This refers to Japan’s Electronic Toll Collection system. These lanes have automatic ETC card readers, and cannot be used by cars without an ETC card installed.
* When driving past entrance toll booths, your speed must be 20km/h or less.

If you would like to use highways or similar roads without having an ETC card, please be sure to enter the lane labeled “一般” - Standard. When you enter the highway using the General lane, please take a highway pass from the toll booth. When you exit the highway, please give the highway pass and the appropriate amount in cash to the toll booth operator. While this is the general method of payment, some toll roads will have you pay when you enter.

If you have an ETC card and take a highway pass from the entrance by accident When you exit the highway, please go to the 一般 (Standard) lane and show the toll booth operator your highway pass and ETC card.

* ETC Option - Expressway Pass: This special option allows you unlimited highway access in a certain region after paying a single fixed rate (rate limited). We have separate passes available for different areas, including HEP (Hokkaido Expressway Pass), KEP (Kyushu Expressway Pass), NEP (Nagoya Expressway Pass), and more. If you are interested in getting a pass, please send an inquiry to us at web-rentacar.com after you make your booking.

(To learn more about ETC card, please click here.)

3.Other Warnings

Please be careful when filling the gas tank.

When using self-service gas stations, please make sure to differentiate between the three types of gas:レギュラー(Regular, red)ハイオク(High Octane, yellow)軽油(Diesel, green)

  • レギュラー
  • ハイオク
  • 軽油

Japan Gas tank

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