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What is an ETC card?

An ETC card is a smart card used for automatic payment of toll fees charged when driving on Japanese expressways. Specifically, it enables you to drive through toll gates without bringing your car to a stop. To use an ETC card you need not only the card itself, but also an ETC device to slot it into; and not every rental vehicle is guaranteed to come equipped with such an ETC device. Before renting a car, please make sure whether or not it comes equipped with an ETC device.
BTW, web-rentacar.com indicates ETC availability of the plan in question with an ETC icon. Vehicles belonging to plans for which that icon is shown come equipped with an ETC device.

Can an ETC card be borrowed?

When renting a car in Japan, customers are generally required to bring their own ETC card. Even when the rental vehicle is equipped with an ETC device, don't expect any ETC card to be included. But what if the customer doesn't have an ETC card, or forgot to bring it? In such cases, some rental offices do actually lend out ETC cards when requested.

The table below aims to shed some light on the availability of ETC card lending at a few major Japanese rental chains. When borrowing an ETC card, any accumulated toll charges must be settled with the rental office upon return of the vehicle.

If you are web-rentacar.com user and wish to rent an ETC card, please contact us after you have made a reservation online. We will contact a rental car company for you.

Nissan Rent-a-Car Borrowing possible at some designated rental offices.
See here for details (redirects to the Nissan Rent-A-Car Website)
Nippon Rent-a-Car Borrowing possible at some designated rental offices.
See here for details (redirects to the Nippon Rent-A-Car Website)
Times Rent-a-Car ETC cards cannot be borrowed

※ Given the limited number of ETC cards that a rental office can lend out simultaneously, there is no guarantee that an ETC card will be available.

ETC card rental?

Benefits of using an ETC card

We have already mentioned that you don't need to stop when going through a toll gate in a car equipped with ETC, but there are other benefits as well.

✓ Because you can pass through an ETC lane that does not require stopping, you can avoid traffic lined up in front of the toll booths!

By avoiding such traffic jams you can save on gasoline and its burden on your wallet.

✓ Discounts exist that apply to ETC card holders only!

Late night discounts and holiday discounts apply exclusively to ETC. The specifics depend on the region.

✓ By paying for combined toll road usage, there is no need to keep track of the cash required for every single fee separately.

When paying in cash at the toll booths, you need to make sure to have the required amounts on hand; whereas an ETC card lets you pay by credit card or a lump sum in cash when dropping off your vehicle.

Clearly, an ETC card can be quite convenient. We hope that this information may help you to make effective use of one!

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